The Year 2017 Ancaster FilmFest Review

2018 will be our 15th year in operation.

In 2017, our 14th year of operation, 8048 attended our 22 films on 12 screening dates.

Over $21000 was donated to our designated charities/service organizations:

$6700 to Hamilton Out of the Cold.

$5000 to the Ancaster Arts Centre.

$2000 to the Ancaster Society for the Performing Arts (Music at Fieldcote and Films at Fieldcote)

$1200 to the Ancaster Food Drive.

$1000 to the Cancer Assistance Program.

$1000 to Ancaster Community Services.

$1000 to Neighbour to Neighbour.

$1000 to the Hamilton Bridge (From Prison to Community) Program.

$1000 to Canadian Red Cross.

$1000 to the Juravinski Cancer Stem Cell Program.

$250 to the Good Shepherd,

$175 to Bishop Crosby Charities.

Additional monies were provided to run the Free Summer Family Screenings at Fieldcote